Don’t throw out the waffle iron!

I’ve had a waffle iron for years and once in a while I would try making waffles. But they never came out well. Yesterday we were cleaning out the rec room and I came across the waffle iron again. I decided to throw it out. But my husband, who is a near horder, went through the trash bag and said I should give it one more last try. So I did, but not before doing thorough research. And, believe it or not, they came out almost perfect!! Meaning perfect enough not to throw the iron out.

I want to share the two links that made my almost perfect waffles:

1) Recipe at (my favorite recipe site)

2) Instructions at – they also have a recipe but I used the one above.

As always, I did not add the vanilla extract (for the simple reason that I don’t have it and also because I think it tastes better without).

Just so you know!


October 21st, 2012 by