The same news 25 years later

Watching the news, I’m having a flashback to when I was a teenager: Israel-Palestine, USA-Russia… nothing really changes.

Now my kids are teenagers and the same stuff is on the news.

Or is it a cycle, as John C. Dvorak might suggest.

internet explorer not working properly with fancy box

Remember to put the doctype in iframe fancyboxes!

Why jQuery setTimeout doesn’t work

Note to self:

It doesn’t work because this is a different context at that point (window), you have a few optons though, store a reference to what you want to deal with, like this:

.ajaxStop(function() { var $this = $(this); setTimeout(function(){ $this.css('visibility','hidden'); }, 100); });

Or use $.proxy() for to set the context in that anonymous function, like this:

.ajaxStop(function() { setTimeout($.proxy(function(){ $(this).css('visibility','hidden'); }, this), 100); });

In the first solution we store a reference to what we want to deal with, in the second we’re actually setting that this is when that function runs…otherwise it’ll be window.

From stackoverflow:

Memories of Angel Food Cake

So now that I have a real oven again, I’ve been experimenting deserts from my childhood. I started out with brownies which came out very well. I’v never abandoned chococolate chip cookies, so haven’t tried those yet. So the next on the list was Angel Food Cake.

I have sweet memories of my mom’s angel food cake that was so huge & fluffy and to die for with stawberries. So I decided it should be the one to try. Alas, without  cream of tartar and not a real angel food cake pan the first result was disasterous. I had used a regular bunt pan and substituted the cream of tartar with lemon juice (as per my research on the internets) because I was convinced it still could not be found in Italy.

Then a collegue of mine pointed out that you can find cream of tarter in the supermarket, you just need to know what you’re looking for: Cremor Tartaro. I also bought a real AFC pan off Ebay, created my own cake flour with flour and maizena and voilĂ . The result was not as huge as I remembered but the taste is right and it sort of looks right, too :-)

Next cake on the list: pineapple upside down cake. Stay tuned :-)

Recipe used for this Angel Food Cake:

Red underwear for new year’s eve

Did you know that in Italy for New Year’s Eve , also called San Silvestro, you’re supposed to wear red underwear? The origins of this tradition start with the Ancient China and continued with the Roman Empire. It’s supposed to bring good luck. So just in case… I’m wearing my new read lingerie tonight ;-)