Memories of Angel Food Cake

So now that I have a real oven again, I’ve been experimenting deserts from my childhood. I started out with brownies which came out very well. I’v never abandoned chococolate chip cookies, so haven’t tried those yet. So the next on the list was Angel Food Cake.

I have sweet memories of my mom’s angel food cake that was so huge & fluffy and to die for with stawberries. So I decided it should be the one to try. Alas, without  cream of tartar and not a real angel food cake pan the first result was disasterous. I had used a regular bunt pan and substituted the cream of tartar with lemon juice (as per my research on the internets) because I was convinced it still could not be found in Italy.

Then a collegue of mine pointed out that you can find cream of tarter in the supermarket, you just need to know what you’re looking for: Cremor Tartaro. I also bought a real AFC pan off Ebay, created my own cake flour with flour and maizena and voilà. The result was not as huge as I remembered but the taste is right and it sort of looks right, too 🙂

Next cake on the list: pineapple upside down cake. Stay tuned 🙂

Recipe used for this Angel Food Cake: