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When low cost is not always the best price - Checking In

When low cost is not always the best price

For some time now I’ve found that unless you find the 9.99 deal with Ryan Air, low cost is not necessarily the best price.
I’ve been flying from Italy to the Netherlands for over 20 years and have seen the revolution from 800,000 Lire (today, with inflation, that would be equivalent to 800 Euros!) with KLM/Alitalia to Ryainar at 9.99.

Of course Ryanair flies from Pisa to Eindhoven and not, like KLM/Alitalia from Florence to Amsterdam (which is ultimately where I need to be). So in the end, it’s all about economics. When the whole family travels, and especially if it’s off-season, in the end we usually opt for the low cost WITHOUT luggage (with just that saving almost 200 Euro), because we rent a car anyway to arriving at Eindhoven and having to drive an hour and a half doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference, yet we will probably save close to 150-200 Euros

But now that I’m planning a trip alone, the final Ryanair price was around 120 Euro, while Transavia (Pisa-Amsterdam) wasn’t even flying on the days I needed and Alitalia came out as the winner with 153 Euro. Yes, 33 Euros more, but what a bargain. For a mere 33 Euros:
1) I get to bring one piece of luggage (23kg)
2) I get to bring my purse as well as a carry-on (Ryanair doesn’t allow you to carry a purse in addition to carry on)
3) I get free peanuts
4) I save money on gas to/from Pisa – 200 KM total
5) I save money on long-term parking as someone can bring me to the Florence airport
6) Somebody in the Netherlands saves money not having to bring me + pick me up in Eindhoven – 240 KM total
7) I can leave the house an hour later both leaving and coming home.

So this time, low cost was not the lowest.

But I don’t think any other carrier can beat Ryanair like the one time we all went to Paris for 20 Euros (5 Euros roundtrip per person WITHOUT any tax)