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Episode #21 - Checking In

3 thoughts on “Episode #21

  1. Willow, I have really enjoyed your last two podcasts. I am a 64 yr. old retiree in Jackson, Tennessee, who learned of your podcast a year or so ago through the DSC. I enjoy hearing about your life and your family. So there, someone is listening, and probably someone you wouldn’t expect.

  2. Hey Willow, you still have listeners. I recorded a voice response to your January podcast but have been unable to find an email address for you. Get a Gmail account for the podcast and keep them coming, please.

    The hood looks fine in the photos. I know there’s shadowing and lighting to consider, but overall, I’ve seen a LOT worse on the road. LOL

  3. Hi Elena, don’t know if you’ll see this comment but I’ll try anyway. Recently I’ve just forgotten to add my email address:
    Would LOVE to receve an an audio comment!!!


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